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Faith Fellowship Ministries


The place where the original four members met for the first time, Bloomingdale Road, Staten Island, NY

  Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center began on March 1980 with four people in the living room of a Staten Island, New York home. The first meeting included Pastor Demola and three other including Diane Demola. While its humble beginning was small, the teaching of the Word of Faith soon began to draw others to the ministry.
  The interest in FFMWOC was aided by the weekly radio broadcast with Pastor Demola called, "The Voice of Faith", that was heard throughout the metropolitan area every Saturday morning.  
Pastor preaching in St. Mark's
With widespread interest in the ministry, soon the small group outgrew the home church and FFMWOC began meeting in the rented basement of St. Mark's United Methodist Church which was close by. Quickly the fledging church outgrew the basement facility and the meeting was moved to the upstairs main sanctuary.
St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Staten Island, NY

Elk's Club, Staten Island, NY
However, the sanctuary move lasted only a short time. While the church was growing, the Pastor of St. Mark's and his wife experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit along with other Methodist congregants. The area wide bishop of the church decided it was time for FFMWOC to leave, because as they stated, we became a threat to their doctrine.

90 Cooper Ave, Iselin, NJ
The growing group then was forced to move to a new location. Because no other church in the area was available, the church rented a local ELKS Club moved in every Sunday and Thursday. It was obviously an odd situation, since the room did not make for a church venue. But God was faithful as always, and the church experienced a quick and remarkable growth, even though the group was not without challenges such as parking, children's ministry space, auditorium space, along with a "club" atmosphere.

Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, Edison, NJ

The church began the search for a new facility. All the doors seemed to close for a rental or purchase on Staten Island.
  Soon with the help of a new church member, who herself was a New Jersey resident, a prime location, a former Synagogue became available in Iselin, New Jersey.

Worship resounds during a service in Edison, NJ
Even though the church was growing there were not enough funds available to purchase this site.

It was then that a dramatic financial miracle took place, in the form of a $50,000 cashier's check donated to the church to close the purchase of the new building, and FFMWOC moved from Staten Island to New Jersey.
It was a challenging move, since many families decided not to move with the congregation. But once again the church experienced the goodness and faithfulness of God. There was rapid growth. A full time staff was added in 1983 and now there was a need for multiple services on Sundays.

Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, the new Sayreville facility, NJ

A Bible School (Advanced Christian Training School) which was started in Staten Island now had space to grow. A dynamic worship ministry began, and many outreaches to both the local and world community were born. Scores of people were being saved and soon, the facility that seemed so large was now too small.

In 1984 property was purchased on Oak Tree Road in Edison, New Jersey, and the planning began for our new facility. The new 32,000 square foot building was completed in May of 1985. The Congregation grew so quickly that once again the building became too small. In fact in 1986 FFMWOC was singled out by the Burns Institute as one of the fastest growing churches in America.

While continuing to conduct overseas crusades in various countries, and keeping up with the now growing local church schedule, T.V. and media ministry, as well as the multi-faceted local church, the congregation and leaders sought a larger facility. After a long and strenuous search, finally a property became available. Little was the congregation to know that it would take a long drawn out struggle to finally get the approval to build. But with God's help, the approval was granted, and some 2 years into the project, the 138,000 square foot building was completed. The church move spearheaded a wave of local development that now includes a 460 acre, 10 billion dollar project.

The history surely does not feature changes in location and buildings only; it is the incredible world outreach that FFMWOC now has. Faith International Training School (FITS) has now graduated some 500 students in 75 plus nations, and has developed local schools in various countries of the World as well. The multi-faceted ministry includes a full Counseling Program and a Community Development Corporation that deals with foreclosure prevention, loan modifications and affordable housing. There is a full Child Care Program (Agapeland), ministries for every age group such as Men of the Word, Women of the Word, Faith Gen Youth, Fuze (a young adult program), and Faith All Star Kids, a children's church program. There are many other ministries not listed here that make FFMWOC both unique and distinct. FFMWOC stands as a multi-cultural, multi-racial congregation that numbers over 10,000 and that ministers the message of faith, and the Grace of God to people of all backgrounds. From the worship to the teaching, to the love of God among its members FFMWOC is now one of the leading churches in America, 39th on the church list. It is a church committed to serving our community and the world with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. While its past is historic, the church is convinced its future is even brighter.