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Frequently Asked Questions


What is FITS?

Faith International Training School is a ministry of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center in Sayreville, New Jersey.    It is being supported through the combined efforts of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center and Covenant Ministries International, under the direction of the founder of these ministries, Pastor David T. Demola.

What is the Vision for FITS?

Dr. David T. and Diane Demola, in cooperation with Covenant Ministries International and Faith Fellowship Ministries, have founded Faith International Training School.  FITS will do its part in fulfilling the Great Commission by lifting up men and women to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth.   A limited number of American students and International Guests will work together in an intensive, five month program to develop in their God-given gifts in Christian Leadership.  These leaders will apply with the recommendation of their home ministries.  They must covenant to return to that ministry for no less than one year of service, immediately following their time in New Jersey.  While participating in the many aspects of the ministry at Faith Fellowship, they will be under the supervision of proven and internationally recognized men and women of God.  These leaders will leave this program intensively experienced in practical ministry and thoroughly enriched in their biblical understanding.

How can non-residents (or Internationals) become involved?

Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center is a multi faceted ministry organization.  In addition to the local church, FFMWOC is active in children and youth ministries, outreach evangelism, media, nursing home ministries, Christian Counseling and much more.  Internationals recommended by their local pastors may visit FFMWOC for five months, as guests of the church.  During this time, they will be exposed to many facets of this ministry, including receiving biblical and spiritual enrichment along side of the American FITS students. 

What language skills must participants have -
They must be proficient in the English language in speaking, reading and writing thereof.

Where will students stay when they get to New Jersey?

American students of FITS will be responsible for finding their own residences.  Currently, there are a few spaces in the condos available for rent in the housing for the international guests.  For more information about housing in the Sayreville area, please contact the ministry office.  Students are responsible for their own housing, transportation, personal expenses, tuition, books and supplies.

May FITS students stay longer than five months?

No.  No one attends FITS without signing a covenant to return to their home ministries.  Students are expected to return immediately to further the work of the ministry that sent them.


Who makes the travel arrangements for students?

 Travel arrangements are solely the responsibility of the student.  Faith Fellowship is not responsible for airfare to or from the USA.

What kind of visa do I need to come to the USA?

International Guests:  Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center makes no guarantees as to the granting of travel visas. International Guests must come into the country on a Visitor or Tourist Visa. Student Visas are not available, and do not apply to your visit to Faith Fellowship.  If your country requires a letter of invitation from Faith Fellowship, detailing the terms of your visit, contact the ministry office immediately so that the appropriate paperwork can be submitted.  Visas are solely the responsibility of the International Guest.

Where will International guests stay?

 As guests of Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center, Internationals will be housed in condos at the expense of FFMWOC.  There is a refundable $160 Housing Security Deposit isrequired of all International Guests upon arrival.  This is to insure that the apartments will be kept clean with no damages during their stay.  This deposit will be returned to them at the end of their stay if the condo is found to be in the condition they found it upon arrival.
The ministry will supply breakfast and luncheon meals, as well as arrival and departure transportation and transportation to ministry events. 

What are the International Guest’s financial responsibilities?

All International Guests must come prepared financially for their personal expenses.  International guests are required by law NOT to earn income during their visit to Faith Fellowship.

International Guests are expected to need at least $1200 for their six month stay in New Jersey, or at least $200 per month.   Upon acceptance of the invitation, guests must be prepared to arrive at Faith Fellowship with these funds in full, or at least $400, with a commitment from their home country of at least $200 per month, for personal expenses as well as the Housing Security Deposit and the cost of any textbooks and supplies during their stay.  The approximate cost of textbooks is $350 which is also due upon arrival.

The funds will be kept on account on behalf of the guest and will be dispersed by FFMWOC to them on a monthly basis.  International Guests are also responsible for the Housing Security Deposit, books and supplies

May International Guests stay longer than six months?

Absolutely not!  This program is specifically for spiritual enrichment and the raising up of leaders that will reach their home countries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These leaders who have been recommended by their ministries, and have covenanted to return, are expected to return immediately to their home countries to further the work of that ministry.

Who do I direct further inquiries to:

Inquires can be made directly to Faith International Training School in Sayreville, NJ.
Phone 732-727-9500 extension 2502.  Our email address is